apply for a Texas license to carry

How To Apply For A Texas License To Carry

Apr 9, 19

One of the most common questions we get is how do I apply for a Texas license to carry. While we recommend taking the class first, you can apply for your Texas LTC before taking the class. The application for your Texas license to carry is submitted online on the Texas DPS website. You must…

Texas Gun Permit

Mar 4, 19

Are you interested in getting your Texas gun permit? We make getting your permit to carry easy with our online permit class. A Texas gun permit will allow you to carry in Texas and 34 other States. The Texas handgun permit is one of the most recognized carry permits in the United States. Our online…

Concealed Carry Magazine

Feb 10, 19

USCCA¬†Concealed Carry Magazine, the ultimate resource for responsibly armed Americans. It is the official publication of the United States Concealed Carry Association. It reaches more than 320,000 USCCA members and subscribers and has racked up several major awards over the last few years, ranging from print, video and digital accolades to recognition for photography and…

Houston License To Carry Class

Dec 29, 18

Houston Texas, you can now take the Texas License to carry class ONLINE for only $60.¬†No other LTC class in Houston can compare. Our online Texas LTC class is the official class approved by the Texas Department of Public safety. We are certified Texas LTC instructors and people in Houston and all across Texas can…

Texas LTC

Texas LTC

Dec 9, 18

To get your Texas LTC the State requires you to take a simple and easy class from a Texas DPS certified instructor. You can now even take the class online here. The class is super easy and everyone passes with ease. The Texas LTC also allows you to carry in 35 States total, not just…

Texas Carry Class

Texas Carry Class For Military Members

Oct 31, 18

For military members, the Texas license to carry is the best option for you regardless of what State you are a resident of. Texas will issue a license to carry to ANY legal resident of all 50 States. The great thing about a Texas carry license is that you can renew it online regardless of…

Open Carry In Texas

Aug 19, 18

Open carry in Texas became effective January 1, 2016. When open carry passed in Texas, not many carry laws changed with the new law. Prior to the passing of open carry in Texas, those with a carry permit had to carry concealed. When open carry passes, they also changed the name of the license. Before…

Online Handgun License Class

Aug 11, 18

Online Handgun License Class Texas has approved a online handgun license class to qualify for a Texas license to carry. You no longer have to spend hours in a crowded classroom on the weekend. Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take our Texas online handgun license class to qualify for your Texas LTC. After taking…

Texas Approved Online Course Providers

Aug 1, 18

Texas Approved Online Course Providers Texas Department of Public Safety approves online course providers. People seeking to obtain a Texas License to Carry (LTC) can now take the required training online. Online training can only be administered by a Texas DPS approved online course providers. Not all regular LTC instructors will qualify to be online…

Texas Handgun License Online

Texas Handgun License Online

Jul 10, 18

To get a Texas handgun license you must take the required training class that is set by State law. Texas is a “shall issue” State, meaning everyone qualifies for the license if you pass the background and class. The class is so easy that no one has ever failed our class. Even newer shooters pass…