Heather Reitsma

Firearms Instructor


  • Texas DPS certified instructor
  • Texas online LTC course provider
  • Texas LTC certified instructor
  • Texas DPS school safety instructor
  • BCI certified instructor
  • NRA training counselor
  • NRA certified pistol instructor
  • NRA personal protection in the home certified instructor
  • NRA personal protection outside the home certified instructor
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • NRA refuse to be a victim certified instructor
  • NRA home firearm safety provider

Heather Reitsma is a YouTuber and the owner of the biggest firearms training company in Texas. She owns Point Blank CHL and Texas Carry Academy. People travel from all over to take her firearms instructor certification classes. Her instructor certification classes are nationwide certifications accepted in most states.

Her company Texas Carry Academy is the statewide leader when it comes to the online Texas license to carry class. She has thousands of online students monthly. She also has 400 affiliate instructors across the state of Texas that work under her and she will soon launch a nationwide program.

You can find her on YouTube on one of her two channels. youtube.com/@iHeather or youtube.com/@PointBlankCHL.