Concealed Handgun Classes

License To Carry Classes

The Texas license to carry provides benefits and trespass protection that you don’t have when carrying without a license to carry. It also allows you to carry in more places with fewer restrictions.. You are always better off carrying with a license in Texas plus having the Texas license to carry allows you to carry in 37 other states too!

It’s so easy and cheap to get that everyone who wants to carry should have one. Get your Texas LTC and not have to worry about restrictions and trespass laws.

Benefits of Having a Texas LTC

  • Trespass Protection
  • Campus Carry
  • School Zone Carry
  • Carry In 37 States
  • Peace of Mind When Carrying
  • Interactions With Law Enforcement
  • Bypass Background Check When Buying Guns
  • Protection If Carrying Past No Gun Signs
  • Learn the Carry Laws
  • The Legal Protection A LTC Provides
  • Fewer Restrictions

Take The Texas LTC Class Online

New Texas law gives you the option to take the Texas license to carry class online. Taking the license to carry online saves you time and money. You can now take the class from the comfort of your home on your own schedule. No more spending all day in a classroom. For more details or to take the LTC class online click the button below.

Texas LTC Reciprocity

One of the huge benefits of having a Texas license to carry is reciprocity with other states. With the Texas LTC you can legally carry in 37 states total, that’s most of the United States! Check out all the green states in the map below.

Texas LTC Reciprocity