Online Texas License to Carry Class

May 6, 18

You can now take the official Texas license to carry class ONLINE from the comfort of your own home. You no longer have to sit in a crowded classroom on the weekend. Our online Texas license to carry class is EASY and you can take it at your own pace,  you can stop and pick…

Online Texas LTC Class

Apr 26, 18

Online Texas LTC Class Online Texas LTC class, now legal in Texas. New Texas law allows certain certified people to offer the Texas license to carry class online. Only a few license to carry instructors meet the requirements to offer the online Texas LTC class, so you won’t see many of them offering it. The…

Texas LTC Instructor

How To Become A Texas LTC Instructor

Apr 11, 18

Want to become a Texas LTC instructor?. Texas is a gun friendly State and with a huge population of over 28 million, there will always be a steady flow of students. To get a Texas license to carry, a person must take a 4 to 6 hour class plus a range portion taught by a…

Texas LTC Shooting

Who Is Exempt From The Shooting Portion Of The Texas LTC Class ?

Apr 6, 18

Who is exempt from the shooting portion of the Texas LTC class? Well, several people. When taking the Texas LTC (license to carry) class,  your instructor needs to know if you are exempt from the shooting portion of the LTC class. Last legislative session, Texas law makers expanded the list of qualified people that are…

USCCA instructor

Why Become A USCCA Instructor

Jul 1, 17

Every firearms instructor needs to have a “Nationally recognized” certification, it’s the core of the firearms instructor business. A Nationally recognized certification makes everything else possible. A USCCA instructor certification is all that’s needed to teach concealed carry classes in many States. In States that certify their own instructors, the USCCA certification probably meets that…