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Texas DPS-Approved Online Course Provider

Texas DPS-Approved Online Course Provider

If you are looking to take the Texas LTC class online, it must be with a Texas DPS-approved online course provider. The Texas Department of Public Safety is the governing body that approves online Texas LTC course providers. It’s important to make sure the online LTC course provided you select is an approved provider. One of the most popular online course providers is

Once you select your provider you will enroll in the online course on their website. The online Texas LTC course must be 4 to 6 hours long per Texas law. Most of the online providers set their course to 4 hours long. The course is self paced so you don’t have to take the 4 hours all at once.

Online Texas LTC Course

The online course itself is easy and on a basic level. Most of the providers have a 100% pass rate. You can take the course on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The majority of Texans opt to take the online LTC class vs the in person LTC class because they can take it anytime from the comfort of their home.

Texas LTC Application Process

Once the online LTC class is completed, you will submit your online application on the Texas DPS website. Your Texas DPS-Approved Online Course Provider should provide you instructions on how to complete the LTC application process. It’s a fairly simple process and the application is submitted 100% online.

After you submit the online application, you can upload your certificate of training (LTC104) and any other required documents to the DPS website. DPS will email you the link to upload your documents or you can upload them here. Make sure you do not forget to upload your documents or your application will be delayed.

LTC Application Processing Time

Once the Texas DPS has received your completed application and all required documents, they have 60 days to issue your Texas license to carry. The 60 days may be extended if you have not submitted all of the required documents or if there is an issue with your application. If for some reason they deny issuing you a Texas LTC, they will notify you via mail. The letter will include the reason why your application was denied.

If you are denied, it is most likely due to something on your criminal record. You will get a chance to appeal the decision if you are denied the issuance of a Texas LTC.