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Texas License To Carry Online

Texas License To Carry Online

Getting a Texas license to carry online is the best way to get certified for your Texas LTC. The online LTC class created by Point Blank CHL is the best class available in the state of Texas. Our course is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) statewide. Thousands of Texans across the state take our course every month and it’s only $49.

We made Texas carry law easy to understand for everyone. Our online LTC class set up was highly praised by DPS for it’s ease of use when they reviewed it for approval. You know it’s the best when the Texas Department of Public Safety praises it. We take pride is having the best Texas license to carry online course available.

Get Your Texas License To Carry A Handgun

The first step in getting your Texas license to carry a handgun is to take the online class. The course will cover the application process in detail step by step. Your official certificate of training is available to download immediately upon completion of the online LTC class. You do not have to wait for us to send it to you like some of the others.

The DPS application process is also all online now, no more filling out and mailing any documents. Our course will cover the application process in detail and provide you direct links and instructions to apply. While you can apply first, we recommend completing the course first. Applying first will not save you any time.

Why You Should Get A License

While Texas does have a form of constitutional carry, it is restrictive and has its own set of penalties. People think it has all the same rights and protections as the LTC but it does not.

License To Carry Benefits:

  • Carry Past No Gun Signs: With a Texas license to carry you can carry past no gun (gun buster) signs. Under constitutional carry you must obey any and all no gun signs or face being charged.
  • Carry In More Places: With a license to carry you can carry in more places like a hospital, in school zones, in bars that are not posted, collage campuses, governmental meetings, amusement parks, nursing facilities, past no carry signs, on private property without specific signage and a lot more.
  • Legal Protections: The Texas LTC provides you legal protections for certain things that would be a felony under constitutional carry. It’s worth getting a license to carry.
  • Carry In Other States: The license allows you to carry in most other states, under constitutional carry you are limited to only a few.
  • Firearm Purchases: With a license you bypass the background check when buying firearms.
  • Trespass Protections: The license to carry prevents you from being charged when carrying in certain posted places, you have NO protection under constitutional carry.
  • Peace Of Mind: Having a license to carry gives you peace of mind knowing you have the legal protection it provides.

Get Certified Now

Ready to take the online class? It is available 24/7 and it is self paced. All your progress is saved so you can stop and pick up right where you left off when you start again. The course also works on all devices including your phone.