Self Defense Insurance


Self defense insurance is a must have. Anyone who owns or carries a firearm should have self defense coverage. Right to Bear is not only the most affordable, they are the best available. They also don’t have “caps” or “limits”, your attorney fees are covered 100% regardless of the cost. Truly unlimited.

There is a reason all of our instructors and our family members are with Right To Bear. They provide the best coverage in the industry. They are also a big name in the industry and the coverage can’t be beat.

Not An Insurance

Right To Bear is not an insurance. We have seen how bad it is with self defense coverage that is insurance backed and requires approval from an insurance company. We have seen “insurance backed” self defense companies deny coverage. You do not want insurance backed self defense coverage especially since it deals with firearms and using deadly force.

Right To Bear is an association and not an insurance product. You will not have to get approval from an insurance company should you ever need coverage. You will also not have the legal issues getting coverage like you can with an insurance product. With Right To Bear you are covered, no insurance approval needed. Right To Bear is an association with a huge financial backing.

How Does It Work

When you join you will receive a membership card and a login to their website to manage your account and access to free training videos. The membership card has an emergency number on it that is answered 24/7/365 by an actual attorney. If you are involved in an incident you will have your attorney on the phone before the police arrive and your attorney will take over from there.

They will represent you from the beginning until the end in any criminal or civil case at NO COST to you as a member. Your membership fee covers everything. Your self defense insurance coverage will pay 100% of your attorney fees for both criminal and civil charges.

Your membership card will also have a “non emergency” number that you can call to get answers to ANYTHING firearm or carry related. The answers will come from an actual attorney. They will also keep you updated on firearms and carry law changes in your state. All at no cost to you as a member. Everyone who carries should have self defense insurance.

What Does It Cover

24/7 attorney answered hotline: As a member you will receive a membership card with a number to an attorney answered emergency hotline. Your attorney will just be a phone call away 24/7. You will have your attorney on the phone before the police arrive on scene.

100% Attorneys fees: Right To Bear covers 100% of your attorneys fees for both criminal and civil cases that result from a self defense incident. As a member you will have an attorney on stand by 24/7 via the attorney emergency hotline.

All weapons covered: Your coverage is not just for firearms. Anything you use to defend yourself is covered. A knife, baseball bat, stick and even a frying pan.

Expert witness covered: If your case needs an expert witness to testify on your behalf it is coved. This could be a forensic expert, self defense expert, firearms expert or what ever expert your attorney thinks is needed.

Accidental discharge covered: This is coverage you won’t see from most other companies but is real important. If you have an accidental discharge you are covered. An accidental discharge could cause you to face criminal or civil charges. RTB has you covered.

Gun replacement: This is also something you won’t see from others. If you are involved in a self defense incident with your firearm, the police will take it into evidence. RTB we replace your firearm.

Psychology Support: If you are involved in incident and are having trouble dealing with what happened, RTB will pay for professional counseling.

Multi state coverage: You can add multi state covered for just $4 a month if you travel out of state a lot. This will provide all of this coverage in all states.

Bail Bonds: You can add bail bond coverage for only $4 a month.

What Does It Cost

Using our special link below it’s only $13 a month or $145 yearly. Make sure on the final checkout page you use discount code PointBlank, all one word. That’s it! and you can cancel anytime. For only $13 a month you get a self defense attorney on call 24/7. With prosecutors that hate gun owners these days, what a piece of mind you will have as a member. Join today and get covered today.

Self Defense Insurance