NRA Personal Protection In The Home Instructor Course

Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor Course

Are you looking to become a NRA personal protection in the home instructor? This course certifies you as a PPITH instructor and allows you to teach the official student level NRA personal protection in the home course to your students.

Your students will learn things like basic defensive shooting skills, strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation, firearms and the law, how to choose a handgun for self-defense and much more. This is a great class you could offer those who already have a license to carry and are looking for a little more advanced training.

Also, if you are a NRA basic pistol instructor and you want to become a NRA training counselor, this PPITH instructor course meets the prerequisites requirement for your second (shooting instructor) certification to become a NRA training counselor.

This is one of the most popular NRA instructor certifications to have. It’s also a popular course for you to offer to your students. NOTE: You must be a NRA certified basic pistol instructor to take this course. There are other prerequisites but they are included in this 3 day course. The total course cost is $350. If you don’t need the included prerequisites you will not need to attend all 3 days and you will receive a discount. See below.

Included Prerequisites In The 3 day Course

DAY ONE (Friday) – BIT (basic instructor training). If you have taken the BIT within the past 2 years, you do NOT need to attend on Friday, no savings though because this is a free course. You will have to show us your BIT cardIf you can’t find your BIT card you MUST attend Friday.

DAY TWO (Saturday) – Student personal protection in the home. If you have already taken the student level personal protection in the home course, you do not need to attend day two. You save $50 off the course cost. You must show your certificate from the student level course. If you can’t find your certificate you MUST attend day two.

DAY THREE – Day three is the actual personal protection inside the home instructor course. Everyone must attend day three to become a PPITH instructor.

Prerequisite NOT Included

NRA BASIC PISTOL INSTRUCTOR – This prerequisite is NOT included in this course. If you are not a NRA basic pistol instructor, you must get this certification prior to attending any part of the PPITH instructor course.


You will pay a $50 deposit when registering. The remaining balance of your course fee MUST be paid by CASH OR MONEY ORDER in person when you come to class. NO CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS OR PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED FOR THE REMAINING BALANCE.

Personal Protection In The Home Instructor Course Registration