The NRA CCW instructor course is the course needed to become a certified NRA CCW instructor. With this CCW instructor certification you will be able to offer the NRA CCW course to your students. Despite the name, this is a defensive pistol course you can offer to your students. It’s a great course for everyone who carries a handgun.

This is the most popular NRA course on the planet and now you can get certified to teach it!

This is one of the NRA’s most popular courses and adding it to your classes will increase your business. This is an advanced course that you can offer to those who already have a license to carry or to those who carry under constitutional carry.

Once you become a certified NRA CCW instructor you will receive the material and power points to teach this complete NRA CCW course including the range drills. You don’t have to come up with anything, the entire course is put together for you. Some of the things you will teach you students in this course include:

  • Cover and concealment
  • Drawing from a holster
  • Shooting from a concealed holster
  • Defensive handgun shooting
  • Principles of defensive shooting
  • Clearing stoppages and malfunctions
  • Choosing a defensive firearm
  • Care and cleaning of an EDC firearm
  • Levels of mental awareness and developing a proper mindset when using a handgun for self defense
  • And lots more……

This course is made up of modules and you can customize it to your specific need. This is a course that every single persons who carries should take so you should really do good adding this course to your offerings. Most license to carry classes do not include this type of training and are on a super basic level so this is a great “next step” for students who already carry. A lot of states also accept the NRA CCW course as meeting their requirements to get a license to carry. This is the NRA’s most universal course ever regardless of what state you are in.

Become A NRA CCW Instructor

People travel from all over Texas and other states to take our NRA CCW instructor course. There are not many NRA CCW training counselors out there so the NRA CCW instructor course availability is limited and stays booked. Below is the class schedule and requirements for the course.

Prerequisite Not Included

You must already be a NRA certified basic pistol instructor to take this course and you must show proof. This is the only prerequisite that we DO NOT include in our 3 day course. If you don’t have this certification you can not take this course. If you need the basic pistol class we offer it here.

Prerequisites Included

We include the (BIT) training and the basic student level CCW class in our 3 day course (or 4 day if BIT is needed). If you have proof of taking the BIT within the past 2 years, you do not have to attend Thursday’s class. You will only attend the last 3 days. See course schedule below.

Course Cost

Our CCW instructor course is $350. This includes 3 courses in one. We also add the BIT course for free if needed. It does NOT include the basic pistol instructor certification, you will have to get this separately before attending this course if you don’t have it already.


Pre Course (Thursday) – BIT (basic instructor training. If you have not taken BIT within the past two years, you MUST attend this course Thursday. Those with BIT can skip this Thursday. If you have your BIT you must show proof in class.

Day One (Friday) – NRA student level CCW course. This is a required prerequisite.

Day Two (Saturday) – NRA instructor CCW course. (part one)

Day Three (Sunday) – NRA instructor CCW course. (part two)

Attention: You must already be a NRA basic pistol instructor to take this course and you must show proof. If you need the basic pistol instructor certification you must take it separately here.

When you register for class you will pay a non refundable $50 deposit. The remaining $300 will be paid in class via cash. We will not accept checks or cards in class. You will also receive an email listing everything you need to bring for the class. See class dates below.