Basic Handgun Course

Basic Handgun Course

Our basic handgun course is for newer shooters, people with zero experience or those who are thinking about buying a handgun. We cover everything you need to know to feel confident and safe using or carrying a handgun.

The Basic Handgun Course introduces students to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a handgun safely. We love new shooters. Building confident handgun owners is what we do.


  • Proper stance
  • Proper grip
  • Sight Alignment
  • How to easily rack the slide
  • How to select the proper handgun
  • Types of ammunition
  • Safe storage methods
  • How to load the magazine
  • How to load the handgun
  • How to unload the handgun
  • Safe carry methods
  • How to clear malfunctions
  • Texas handgun laws
  • And much more!


You need a handgun and 50 rounds of ammo. It can be any type of handgun in any caliber. If you do not have a handgun we have several handguns available, just bring 9mm ammo for our handguns. If you do not own a handgun yet, we have several types of handguns you can try so you know what fits your hands better before you buy one. You will also need eye and ear protection. We can also provide eye and ear protection if needed at no cost.


Class fees are paid the day of the class and must be in CASH ONLY. We DO NOT accept personal checks or credit/debit cards.