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Why Get A Texas LTC

Why Get A Texas LTC

Why get a Texas LTC? There are plenty of reasons to get a Texas LTC even with so called “permitless carry”. Permitless carry comes with its own set of restrictions and penalties that you don’t have when you carry with a Texas license to carry. Having the license also allows you to carry in more places and it provides legal protections. Anyone that is serious about carrying will get the Texas LTC.

Trespass Protection

Carrying with the license allows you to ignore most “gun buster” no gun signs. A lot of stores and places have these signs and you can carry past them if you are a license holder. Those under permitless carry must honor these and all no gun “gun buster” signs and have no protection if they carry past them. Most police officers don’t give any breaks for those that commit a violation while carrying without a license.

Carry In More Places

You can carry in more places with a Texas LTC. Texas law has restrictions at several places that only allows “licensed carry” at certain locations. Without a license you are not allowed to carry at all the same places and some of those places would be a felony violation if you carried there.

School Zone Carry

Without a license to carry you can’t even have a handgun in your vehicle while in a school zone, that includes while dropping off or picking up your kids. With a LTC you can have a handgun in your vehicle, you can also carry open or concealed on school property. License holders just can’t carry “inside” the building but outside areas are ok.

Carry In 37 States

The Texas license to carry is recognized in 37 states. This means that you can carry in all these other states while traveling or visiting these states. You will learn about all of the states in your class to get certified. This makes traveling easy and stress free knowing

Get Your Texas LTC

Enjoy the benefits of getting a license to carry. You can even take the class online at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Our online LTC class is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Get certified today and carry with the peace of mind you get from having the LTC.