my range bag

What is in my range bag?

Whether you are on your way to a Texas License to Carry Class or continuing your training after class, you need a properly packed range bag. There are many suggestions of what items that you can have pack. So, here is a list of items in that are in mine.

As a Texas LTC instructor, my range bag is packed for both our students and me.

Take a quick look in my range bag

Safety First 

  • Emergency Personal First Aid Kit. Can range in size from big to small and can even fit on your ankle. 
  • Tourniquet– Quality CAT tourniquet is most recommended-along with the knowledge of how to use one.
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection, electronic and foam
my range bag
First Aid Kits


  • Firearm 
  • Ammunition –Double check that you have the correct ammo for your firearm
  • Magazines–Correct Extra magazines for the firearm
  • Magazine Loader
  • Targets
  • Staple gun and Staples and/or tape depending on the range
  • Log Book and Pen to document your training sessions **if it’s not documented, did it really happen?
Firearm, ammunition and magazines

Extra Items

  • Small flashlight 
  • Multi Purpose tool/knife
  • Chamber Flags
  • Oil 
  • Sharpie marker
  • Cleaning clothes or D-Wipes for cleaning lead off of your hands after shooting.
  • Strong cleaning rod, as small as a .22. Multi purpose tool and cleaning rod are listed due to brass not ejecting properly and will need to be removed with the tools. 
  • Mosquito Repellant for outdoor ranges
  • Bottled Water for training outside
Maintenance Items

Quick Recap

There are many types of range bags. Keep in mind the bigger they are, the more stuff we tend to pack, and the heavier they get. This plays a factor if you are making more trips to the range to train. My personal range bag is a backpack so I can throw on my back. It is a lot more comfortable and easier to carry with the multiple firearms and gear that I tend to carry for our students qualifying for their Texas License to Carry. Shop around for the ideal range bag that will suit your needs.

I can not stress it enough to double check that you have the PROPER AMMUNITION for your firearm.

There you have it-items in my range bag.