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USCCA Range Safety Officer

USCCA Range Safety Officer

It’s easy to become a USCCA range safety officer (RSO). The USCCA now offers their certified range safety officer’s course online. That’s right, you came become a nationally certified range safety officer by taking a online course. The USCCA is a nationally recognized training organization.

We believe that the RSO represents the highest level of responsibility on the range. We recommend only those who have experience with live firing and knowledge of shooting fundamentals take this course. This course is not recommended for those new to shooting.

Become a Certified Range Safety Officer

Gain the skills, knowledge and training you need to conduct and supervise safe shooting and operation at the range. Enforce range rules while maintaining a professional demeanor in this crucial and dynamic position.

USCCA Online RSO Course

After completing your online eLearning, you’ll be able to print your certificate and start working as a Range Safety Officer right away. Take your passion for firearms to the next level and take back control of your financial future too.

Whether you plan to go full-time or you’re just looking to make money outside of your 9 to 5 job, Shooting ranges are always looking to hire range safety officers both full and part time. Click the link below to get started.