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USCCA Instructor Course

USCCA Instructor Course

looking for a USCCA instructor course? Becoming a USCCA certified firearms instructor is not your best option in our opinion. We are the ones who actually got the USCCA instructor certification approved by the state of Texas. Their program has changed so much that we went back to the gold standard, the NRA certified instructor program.

The NRA instructor certification is recognized in more states than the USCCA instructor certification. The NRA instructor certification is and has always been the gold standard recognized by states nationwide. It is also the gold standard in Texas and the NRA certification was the only one accepted in Texas until WE got the USCCA approved, BIG mistake on our part.


The USCCA started wanting USCCA certified instructors in Texas to upload the names and email addresses of all of your license to carry students. The USCCA would then email YOUR students with USCCA branded emails. If you didn’t give them your students info they would take away “suspend” your instructor certification. They required you to give them the information on a certain number of students a year or you would lose your instructor certification.

You need your certification to maintain your LTC cert with the state of Texas so this was super bad. With the NRA instructor certification you simply renew online and you don’t have to give them ANY student info or even teach a class, this is a huge advantage. The NRA does NOT hold your instructor certificate hostage like the USCCA does to try and force you to give them your student info. They are YOUR students, not the USCCA’s.

Instructor Course

If you are looking for a USCCA instructor course, we recommend the NRA instructor certification instead. You can get the NRA instructor certification from us. People travel from all across Texas to take our instructor course. There is a reason why we are the top instructor training facilities in Texas. Hit the button below to see why we are worth the trip, we will put you on the fast path to success as a firearms instructor. We look forward to seeing you in class soon.