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Texas Online LTC Class

Texas online LTC class

We are the statewide provider for the Texas online LTC class. If you are looking to get your Texas license to carry you can now take the official class online. Texas has made it easy to get certified for your license to carry from the comfort of your own home.

We designed our Texas online LTC class so it’s easy for everyone to understand and you can take it at your own pace. It’s so easy that we have a pass guarantee. If you don’t pass we will refund your class fee. We made it that easy and risk free!

The days of sitting in a classroom for six hours on a Saturday are over. Our Texas online LTC class is only four hours long and you can take it a little at a time if you like. Four hours is the minimum time required by Texas State law. You set the pace.

The online course consist of videos and a test at the end. The test is 25 questions that are true/false and multiple choice. The test is super easy and you have 3 chances to pass. It’s so easy we guarantee you will pass or get your class fee refunded. Simple. Easy.

Our Texas online LTC class works on all devices including your smartphone, computer and tablet. You can take our online LTC class at anytime, on any device from anywhere. We make it easy to get your Texas license to carry.

Shooting Portion

After completing our online LTC class you simply take the certificate of training you get from us to ANY local LTC instructors in your area. That local instructor will complete the shooting portion. After you complete our online course you will get access to our instructor locator to find a local LTC instructor in your area. It’s that easy! Some people are exempt from the shooting portion, click the link below for details.