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Online Concealed Carry Classes Now Legal in Texas

online concealed carry classes

Online Concealed Carry Classes

Online concealed carry classes are legal in Texas. In 2016 the Texas legislature passed HB 3784 allowing online LTC classes to qualify for the license to carry. It’s the same class that has been given in Texas for years, just available online now. Online concealed carry classes are finally legal in Texas.

We are calling it “concealed carry” because that’s what most people still refer to it as. It’s technically called a Texas license to carry now since it allows open or concealed carry.

Not all regular LTC instructors are qualified to offer the online concealed carry classes. Texas law requires additional prerequisites to be able to offer the online concealed carry classes.. The online classes have really been a hit in Texas, allowing people to take the course on their own schedule.

Approved Statewide

Our official online license to carry class is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can take our online course regardless of where you live in Texas. Our course is self paced and available 24/7 at your own pace. Get certified from the comfort of your home.


Be careful when searching for online carry classes. A google search will show a lot of non resident permits. They appear to be for Texas but are actually for the Virginia non resident carry permit. Online concealed carry classes have been around for years but they are new to Texas. The Virginia non resident permit is advertised heavily. Make sure to read all the information on the website to make sure it is the official Texas online license to carry course. We offer the official online course here: Online LTC Class

Shooting Requirement

After you take the online class, we connect you with an instructor in your area for the shooting portion. Some people like correctional officers and certain military personnel are not required to take the shooting portion of the class. You can get the details on who is exempt from the shooting portion by clicking here: Exempt

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions. We respond fast to emails and will be happy to assist you with anything you need. We have made it easy to get your license to carry. If you are ready to take the online class to get your carry permit, click the link below to get started.