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Texas NRA Instructor

Texas USCCA Instructor

Ready to become a certified Texas NRA instructor? The NRA firearms instructor certification is actually a national certification but it also meets the prerequisite requirement to become a certified Texas license to carry instructor. So before you can become a Texas LTC instructor you have to get your NRA instructor certification.

We hold the official NRA certification course in Texas. People come from all across the State of Texas to attend our NRA certified instructor course. It is a three day course and when you complete our course you will be a NRA certified instructor and qualified to become a Texas LTC instructor.

In our Texas NRA instructors course we will give you the form needed to apply for the Texas LTC instructor certification course. We will also give you all the information you need to make the process easy.

NRA Instructor Certification

Besides being needed to become a Texas LTC instructor, the NRA instructor certification comes with many other benefits. The NRA certification is all you need to operate a full firearms/concealed carry training business. See some of the benefits below.

  • Meets Texas LTC prerequisite
  • Teach official concealed/open carry classes
  • Accepted in almost every State
  • Access to the NRA instructor portal to list all of your classes online
  • NRA instructor portal handles all student registrations for you
  • Advertise ALL of your classes on NRA website
  • Use NRA power points to teach your classes classes
  • Make money by promoting NRA products

The NRA instructor portal is free and you can use it to post all of your classes online, even non NRA classes. Students can find and register for your classes on the NRA website. It even sends confirmation emails to you and your students when they register. It’s everything you need to run a training business and it’s FREE to use.

Why Take Our Instructor Course

People travel from all across Texas to take our NRA instructor course because we offer something you can’t get in ANY other course in Texas. We offer you the ability to offer the ONLINE Texas LTC class through our system. NO ONE else in Texas can offer this.

We are Texas state approved online course providers with a DPS approved system that allows other instructors to offer the ONLINE LTC course through us. This allows you to offer the online class statewide and it will generate you more income than anything else you do.