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Texas LTC Reciprocity

Texas LTC Reciprocity

The Texas license to carry gives you reciprocity with 37 other states. That is one of the main benefits of having a Texas LTC/CHL. The only way to have Texas LTC reciprocity is to get the license. This makes it easy to carry when you are traveling outside the state of Texas.

Texas DPS enters into reciprocal agreements with other states and some states just honor all LTC’s without an agreement. Texas has reciprocity with more states than any other license. Don’t have a Texas LTC, get certified online HERE.

Texas LTC Reciprocity Map

The map below shows all the states that honor your Texas license to carry. With the Texas LTC you can carry in all the green states. Having the license gives you peace of mind when traveling.

There are also other benefits of having the carry license. You can carry in more places with fewer restrictions, you have trespass protection and other legal protections it provides. You can learn more about the benefits HERE.

Texas LTC reciprocity map