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Texas LTC Instructor Requirements

Texas LTC Range Qualification

Looking for information on the Texas LTC instructor requirements? In this post we will cover everything you need to know about the requirements to become a Texas license to carry instructor.

The Texas LTC instructor certification is required to teach the Texas license to carry course. The job outlook for Texas LTC instructors is good, as there is a growing demand for people who can teach others how to safely and responsibly use firearms. Texas is a highly populated state and the need for certified Texas LTC instructors continue to grow.

LTC Instructor Prerequisite

Texas LTC instructors are required to first be certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA). Before you can attend the Texas LTC instructor certification course, you must first become a NRA certified basic pistol instructor. This is required by state law.

Point Blank CHL is the go to training facility in Texas to receive the NRA basic pistol instructor certification. People travel from all over Texas to attend our NRA basic pistol instructor course. This is the first step to become a Texas LTC instructor. We cover the rest of the process in this class.

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Texas LTC Instructor Course

After you become a certified NRA instructor you can attend the Texas LTC instructor course. The LTC instructor course is taught by DPS. It is a easy and basic course, basically it’s nothing more than an extended LTC class. The DPS course is two days in a classroom and half a day at the range.

In our NRA instructor course we will prep you for this course and cover it in detail. We will also provide you with the DPS form needed to sign up for the DPS LTC instructor course.

LTC Instructor Course Shooting Qualification

The shooting qualification for the Texas LTC instructor course is the same as a Texas LTC class. It also uses the same B27 targets that are used in the LTC class. You must score a 225 out of a possible 250. It is super easy and most average shooters will pass.

Texas LTC Instructor

Now that we covered the Texas LTC instructor requirements, take the fist step in becoming a LTC instructor by checking out our NRA instructor course info and dates below. We hope to see you in class soon.