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Texas License To Carry (LTC) Class

Texas License To Carry LTC Class

The Texas license to carry LTC class is the class required by state law to get your license to carry a handgun. The LTC allows a person to carry in more places without all of the restrictions. The license also allows a person to carry in 39 other states as the Texas license to carry is one of the most recognized carry permits.

It’s easy for anyone wanting to get a Texas license to carry to get one. All you have to do is take the four hour online class and submit your application online to the Texas DPS. The LTC class is so easy that even new shooters will do just fine. Anyone wanting to carry a handgun in Texas should get the license.

License To Carry Class

The license to carry LTC class can be completed online without ever stepping foot in a classroom. The online LTC class is approved statewide so it does not matter what city you live in. The online class is taken at your own pace and works on all devices including your phone.

We have a pass guarantee with our online course because it’s that easy. We break down everything in the Texas penal code so it’s easy for everyone to understand. The online class is self paced so you can take it a little at a time or all at once. It’s 100% video based so all you have to do is hit play and relax, we do the teaching.

LTC Application Process

The application for your Texas license to carry is submitted online on the DPS website, no more paper applications. While the application process is fast and easy we still recommend completing the online course before applying. The online LTC class will cover the application process in detail.

Texas Handgun License

DPS has up to 60 days to issue your license to carry once you apply and submit everything. Most are issued in about 3 weeks but it may take longer if they are backed up. Make sure after you apply online that you upload your certificate of training to prevent any delays.

Texas LTC Renewal

The Texas LTC is valid for five years. When it comes time to renew you simply renew on the DPS website, no class needed. The Texas LTC class is only a one time requirement and you will never have to take it again. If you ever move out of Texas you can still renew your LTC online regardless what state you live in.