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Texas Handgun License Online

Texas handgun license online

Our Texas handgun license online class is super easy. Texas is a “shall issue” State, meaning everyone qualifies for the license if you pass the background check and class. The class is so easy that no one has ever failed our class. Even newer shooters pass our class with ease. It’s super easy and on a very basic level. You can now take the class online here: Take Texas LTC Class.

Texas Handgun License Online

Texas State law requires the class to be 4 to 6 hours long (not including the range time), that means the classroom portion must be a min of 4 hours long not including the range. New Texas law gives you two options on how to take the required Texas handgun license class. Texas allows the class to be given in person OR online.

We offer the online Texas handgun license class to people all across Texas. Our online class is only 4 hours long. You can take it on your own schedule and at your own pace. You can take it 30 min at a time or all at once, it’s totally up to you. No more spending all day on a Saturday in a crowded classroom. Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take our online class. We are approved State wide by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Shooting Portion Of The Class

You can take our Texas handgun license class and use any local LTC instructor in your area to do the shooting. You simply bring them the official training form you get from taking our Texas handgun license online class. We are certified LTC instructors that are licensed by the Texas DPS handgun licensing division. Some people are exempt from the shooting portion and only need the online class. To see who is exempt or to take the official online Texas LTC class click the button below.