Texas Gun Permit

Are you interested in getting your Texas gun permit? We make getting your permit to carry easy with our online permit class. A Texas gun permit will allow you to carry in Texas and 34 other States. The Texas handgun permit is one of the most recognized carry permits in the United States.

Our online Texas gun permit class was one of the first State approved classes approved by the Texas Department Of Public Safety. Our online class can be taken online on any devise including your smart phone or tablet. It is the shortest class allowed by State law and it qualifies you for your Texas license to carry permit. You can take it at your own pace, a little at a time or all at once.

The online Texas gun permit class is super easy and on a very basic level. No one has ever failed our class. We have been teaching the Texas license to carry class full time for 10 years. We know how to teach in a way that makes learning easy. Our material is broken down so everyone understands and can retain the information.


Who Can Take The Online Texas Gun Permit Class

People from all over Texas take our online handgun permit class. Our Texas gun permit class is approved Statewide. Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take our online LTC class to qualify for a Texas carry permit. No more spending all day on a Saturday sitting in a classroom.


What About The Shooting Portion

That’s the easy part. After you complete our online gun permit class, you use a local LTC instructor in your area to do the range instruction/shooting portion. Our online students will get access to our instructor locator that will find an instructor in your area for you. After completing our online Texas gun permit class you will instantly be able to download your official certificate of training. You will take this form to your local instructor and he will fill out his portion.


How Do I Enroll In The Online Class

To take our online Texas gun permit class you simple click on the enroll now button below. Once you sign up for the class you can take it at your own pace. Make sure you follow the instructions on the registration page.


Texas Gun Permit Online