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Texas Gun License

Texas Gun License

A Texas gun license, also called a license to carry or LTC is the license that allows you to carry a handgun in Texas in more places without all of the restrictions and penalties. Getting the license is easy and only requires a one time class, after that you just renew online every five years. It’s so easy that everyone who carries should get it. It also provides tons of other benefits.

Some of the benefits that come with a Texas gun license include trespass protection, carry in more places, carry past “no gun” signs, carry in 35 other states while traveling, carry in “school zones”, legal protections against penalties, campus carry and much more.

Texas Gun License Class

The class to get your license is online HERE. It’s easy, self paced and available 24/7 right from your smartphone, iPad or computer. Regardless or what city you live in you can take this online class, it is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Our Texas gun license course is so easy that we guarantee you will pass or we will refund your class fee. We created our course to be the easiest LTC class in Texas. We break down everything so it’s easy for everyone to understand. There is a reason we have the number one online LTC class in Texas.

Application Process

The online class covers the application process in detail. The Texas gun license application process is now 100% online, there are no longer paper applications to worry about. You simple follow the instruction in the class and submit your online application, the class provides step by step instructions including direct links to apply. It is fast and easy.

Certificate Of Training

Your official certificate of training (LTC101) is available to download instantly after completing the online course, no waiting. This certificate of training is the proof of training required by law for DPS to issue you a Texas gun license. You will simply follow the instructions on how to upload this certificate with your online application.

We have made it so easy to get certified because we want everyone to enjoy all of the benefits. We also want to prevent people from getting in trouble for not knowing the Texas carry laws.