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Texas Firearms Instructor Training

Texas Firearms Instructor Training

Getting certified as a Texas firearms instructor is a fairly easy process. Most people that want to become Texas firearms instructors are interested in teaching the Texas license to carry class. LTC classes are still a huge business in Texas even with permitless carry. There is a reason our Texas firearms instructor training course stays booked.

We certify more instructors in Texas than any other training facility and we work closely with Texas DPS on instructor information and updates. People travel from all across Texas to take our instructor course, we provide our instructors with things they can’t get from any other instructor course in Texas.

Firearms Instructor Training

To become a Texas license to carry (LTC) instructor you must first become a NRA certified basic pistol instructor as required by state law. This is the instructor certification course that we teach and we can certify you as a NRA pistol instructor over a weekend.

You do not need any other certifications before taking our NRA instructor course, we include all the prerequisites in the course. We also provide you with the info and form needed to become a LTC instructor in our course. Our NRA instructor course is the first step needed by law to become a Texas LTC instructor.

Why Our Instructor Course?

People from all over Texas make the trip to take our course for a reason, we are worth the trip for sure. We provide our instructor students with things they can not get in any other instructor course in Texas. Because of these things most of our instructors become instantly successful and they become the dominate instructor in their area.

Are you ready to attend our Texas firearms instructor training course? Want to learn exactly what we offer that you can’t get in any other instructor course? We hope to see you in class soon.