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Texas Concealed Carry

Texas Concealed Carry

Texas concealed carry and open carry laws are almost exactly the same. Texas allows for both open and concealed carry. While Texas has “permitless carry” you are still better off getting a Texas license to carry because with a license you have less restrictions and it provides you trespass protections you won’t have carrying without it.

The Texas LTC allows you to carry in more places plus allows you to carry in 37 other states. It is so easy to get and cheap so there is really no reason not to get one. If you don’t want to wait on getting the license you could take our online permitless carry class to learn everything you need to know to start carrying today!

Regardless if you decide to carry with or without a license you will need to know the laws. Texas actually has strict penalties for those who violate the laws and regulations when carrying without a permit. It is important that you know the laws and regulations to avoid any issues. As long as you are educated on the laws and regulations you will be fine.

Permitless Carry Course

Our ONLINE permitless carry course will teach you everything you need to know to start carrying in Texas today! We are Texas DPS instructors so you can feel confident you are learning from professionals. We break down Texas concealed carry and open carry laws, regulations and restrictions so they are easy for anyone to understand. You could start carrying today with confidence after taking our short online permitless carry course. Click the button below to get started.

Online License To Carry Course

If you want to carry with a Texas license to carry you can take our online Texas license to carry course. It is the official Texas LTC course approved statewide. This is the course required to get your Texas license to carry. You can take it at your own pace and we have a pass guarantee. It is super easy and on a basic level. Click below to get started.

Regardless of how you carry we have an online course that will cover everything you need to know. Once you learn the laws, regulations and restrictions you can carry with peace of mind. We are just an email away if you ever have any questions. Carry daily and stay safe!