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Texas Carry Laws

Texas Carry Laws

Texas Carry laws vary depending on what law you are carrying under. Carrying with or without a license makes a huge difference. The Texas penal code has two sections that apply to carrying, one is for permitless carry and one is for carrying with a license.

They are NOT the same and those carrying under permitless carry have a lot more restrictions and penalties. It’s almost impossible for the average person to look up all these varying laws. Taking a class from someone with this knowledge is the best way OR just get the license to carry and not have to worry about different Texas carry laws.

Permitless Carry

For those carrying without a license, Texas carry laws are strict. They have more restrictions and higher penalties for violating certain things. There is a list of places that you can NOT carry at without having the license. It’s really a poor bill they passed.

Carrying With A LTC

Carrying with a license falls under a new set of Texas carry laws. With a license to carry you have fewer restrictions, lowered penalties and can carry in a lot more places. You also have trespass protection and this is a huge benefit.

Comparison Chart

Texas License to CarryTexas Permitless Carry
Concealed Carry a Handgun in Public*
Open Carry a Handgun in Public*
Must Meet Eligibility Requirements
Carry in 37 Other Sates
Bypass Background Checks when Purchasing Firearms
Carry in Federal Gun Free School Zones
Carry in Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, or Amusement Parks*
Carry in Public Place With Any Type of “No Firearm” Sign Posted
Legal Protections When Carrying at Certain Prohibited Locations
Carry inside College Campus Buildings and at College Sporting Events*
Airport Protections
Room of an Open Meeting of a Governmental Entity

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