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Sig P365 Review

Sig P365 Review

Our review of the Sig P365 comes from seeing it used a lot in our classes and seeing thousands of round put through it. The Sig P365 has performed great in all of our classes and we have not seen any issues with it at all. Although we are Glock people, the P365 should be on the top of your list when it comes to concealed carry pistols.

The slim frame and grip of the P365 means it will fit the hand good, even for those with smaller hands. It just feels so slim and light but shoots well for a handgun this small. Recoil is very manageable.

Sig P365 Frame

The Sig P365 is a polymer framed handgun just like Glock and many others. It is light weight but strong and carries well. The texture on the grip is perfect for keeping a grip with wet hands but not too rough so it feels great. Our hands on Sig P365 review was with the Sig P365 XL.


They have several versions of the Sig P365. We have seen them all on our firing line but we purchased the Sig P365 XL for our YouTube video. It comes with a little longer barrel and grip com pared to the standard Sig P365. The XL also comes with 12 round magazines. What ever version and size you pick, we think you will be happy. All versions will make great concealed carry options.

Sig P365 Review Video