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Should I Still Get A Texas LTC?

Should I Still Get A Texas LTC

Should I still get a Texas LTC? The answer is yes. Texas passed permitless carry and it will be great for a lot of people. While it is a great step forward it does come with limitations and restriction that you don’t have with a license to carry.

Under permitless carry you can’t carry in as many places as those with a LTC. You also have to obey literally ANY “no gun” type sign posted on businesses. LTC holders can ignore all of these signs. There are many other benefits too.

Trespass Protection

A person carrying with a license to carry has trespass protection under Texas state law. If a LTC holder carry into a place that has a prohibited carry sign posted we can’t be charged, they have to give us the option to leave the building first.

A person carrying under the permitless carry law can be charged immediatly because they will NOT get the option to leave the building first. This is a HUGE benefit for getting the LTC.

Places Off Limits

Under Texas permitless carry laws there are places “off limits” by state law that people without a LTC can’t carry in. With a Texas License to carry you would be able to carry in more places with less restrictions. Why deal with restrictions?

Reciprocity With Other States

With a Texas LTC you can carry in 37 states total, this makes traveling easy. Without a Texas license to carry you will lose 22 of these states. You will be limited only to other permitless carry states that allow non residents to carry without a license.

Gun Purchases

With a Texas LTC you bypass the background check when buying firearms from gun shops/stores. Some people get a Texas LTC just for this alone. I don’t blame them. It makes buying fast and easy.

Online Texas LTC Class

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