San Antonio license to carry

San Antonio License To Carry Class

Are you looking for a license to carry class in San Antonio? You can now take the official Texas license to carry class ONLINE for only $60. Our online Texas LTC class is approved Statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Thousands of Texans all across the State have taken our online license to carry class. Our Texas LTC class (formally known as Texas CHL) is super easy and we guarantee you will pass or we will refund your class fee.

San Antonio LTC Class

So if you are looking for a San Antonio license to carry class we have you covered. Our online Texas license to carry class is only 4 hours long but you can take it at your own pace. It keeps track of your progress so you can log in and out as much as you want. You can now take the official Texas license to carry class from the comfort of your home. Anywhere. Anytime. On Any Device

What About The Shooting Portion

The shooting portion is easy. You use any local LTC instructor in your area to do the shooting portion. When you take our online class you will get access to our instructor locator to find an instructor in your area for the shooting portion. We have thousands of students from San Antonio.

You will need to bring the certificate of training you get from taking our online LTC class to your local instructor so he can fill in the range instruction/shooting portion. The average range instruction/shooting portion last a little over an hour but may vary a little depending on the instructor. It’s still way better than spending 6 hours sitting in a crowded classroom.

Some people are exempt from the shooting portion and will not have to complete the shooting part. To see a list of people who are exempt click HERE.