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PSA Dagger

The PSA Dagger 9mm is made by Palmetto State Armory. The internal parts of this handgun are an exact copy of the Gen3 Glock 19. They were able to copy the internal parts and the mechanics of the Gen3 G19 because the patent has expired on the Gen3.

The outside of the gun looks great and it comes with steel sites. The grip texture feels great and it only has one finger groove that is actually nice. The slide stainless steel that is coated. It actually looks decent.

PSA Dagger 9mm Price

This is the best part. The PSA Dagger costs $240 less than the Glock 19 G3. It runs $299 at most places for the base model. Only time will tell if it is as dependable as a Glock. We ran it through a 1000 round torture test. We will have more extreme torture test coming up soon.

Other companies are also making GEN3 clones but the PSA Dagger is the most popular right now. That may change are more clones hit the market. There are also several models available like one with a threaded barrel, night sights and so on. We tested the $299 base model.

PSA Dagger 1000 Round Torture Test

We put the PSA Dagger through a 1000 round torture test. It did great and had zero malfunctions. It did not do great in our dirt and mud torture test.