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This is the official State of Texas online Texas LTC class needed to get your Texas license to carry, formally known as a concealed handgun license or Texas CHL. This is the license that allows you to carry open and concealed. Our online LTC class is super easy and you can take it at your own pace 24/7. It works on all devices including your smartphone and you can take it a little at a time or all at once, your progress is saved each time. It’s 4 hours long total, that’s the min time required by Texas law but you can take it at your own pace.


You can now take the official Texas license to carry class online from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else. Take it on your schedule, no more spending all day in a classroom. After you enroll you can take it at your own pace, when you want and where you want 24/7. Our online LTC class is 4 hours long but you can take it a little at a time or all at once, it saves your progress. We made the official Texas online LTC class easy.

Our online Texas LTC course is the official course required by the Texas department of Public safety to obtain your Texas license to carry. New Texas law allows certain DPS approved instructors to offer the course online. We were one of the first approved by the Texas DPS. Unlike others, our online course is designed so you can hit play, sit back, relax and let us do all the teaching.

About This Class

  • Texas DPS approved statewide
  • 4 hours long but can be taken at your own pace
  • Start and stop the class as many times as needed
  • 6 months to complete the online class
  • Works on your smartphone
  • Pass guarantee
  • Certificate of training available instantly¬†

Who Can Take The Class?

Anyone can take this class. This class is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety and meets the training requirement to get a Texas license to carry that will allow you to conceal and open carry. Regardless of where you live in Texas you can take our online Texas LTC class. We are the leading provider statewide.

Customer service is our number one priority. We will be here for you during and long after you take our online Texas LTC class. Enroll now and get certified for your Texas license to carry today!

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