LTC Online Course (Vet & Active Military Discount)


This Texas LTC online course is our discounted class for veterans and active duty military. This is the required course needed to obtain your Texas license to carry.


This discounted Texas online LTC course is for veterans and active duty military members wanting to get their Texas license to carry. This is the official course approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Veterans, active duty military, reserves and national guard all qualify for this discounted license to carry course.

How Does The Online Course Work

Our online LTC class is 4 hours long (min. by State law) but it is a self paced course so you can take it a little at a time and your progress is saved. It works on all devices including your smartphone. It is super easy and on a basic level. Our online course is so easy that we have a pass guarantee.

What About The Shooting Portion

Veterans and active duty military that have any proof of firearms training OR scores DATED within the past 10 years are EXEMPT from the shooting portion and only need this online course. Those that need the shooting portion simply use ANY Texas LTC instructor in their area to complete the shooting portion. You will receive access to our instructor locator to find a local instructor in your area.