LTC Online Course (EMS & Firefighters Discount)


This is our discounted online license to carry class for EMS & firefighters all across Texas. This is the official course needed to get your Texas LTC. We are certified statewide.


This is our online Texas license to carry class discounted for EMS and firefighters. This is the class that is required by Texas DPS to get the Texas license to carry a handgun and our online course is approved statewide by the Texas DPS. Our course is 4 hours long but can be taken at your own pace anywhere, anytime and on any devise. Our online Texas LTC course even works on your smartphone. It does not matter what part of Texas you are in, our course is approved statewide.


Shooting Portion

The shooting portion is done by any LTC instructor in your local area. You will also receive access to our LTC instructor locator to find a instructor in your area.