Privacy Policy

We do not share, sell, store or use any of your information for anything other than this online course. Your drivers license or State ID number is only needed because Texas law requires us to include this info on your certificate of training that you will receive after completing the online course.

We do not sell or collect any of your data for any other purpose. Our website is safe and secure as required by State law. Our website is monitored by the latest security software and meets all PCI security requirements.

Course Access

You will have 6 months access to complete this 4 hour online course and download your certificate of training. After 6 months you will not have access to this website or the course and your account will be automatically deleted. We do not save your information.

Refund Policy

We have a NO REFUND policy because once you purchase the class you will have instant access to paid information. We do have a pass guarantee though. See below….

Pass Guarantee

No one has ever failed our course, we made it that easy. State law gives 3 chances (per class) to pass the quiz and no one has ever needed them. If for some reason you fail the quiz 3 times we will restart your course at NO COST so you can take the class again without having to pay again. You will be able to take the class for free as many times as needed to pass.