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Online Texas LTC Class

online Texas LTC class

Online Texas LTC Class

Online Texas LTC class, now legal in Texas. New Texas law allows certain certified people to offer the Texas license to carry class online. Only a few license to carry instructors meet the requirements to offer the online Texas LTC class. We are approved Statewide by the Texas DPS. The online  Texas LTC class will benefit a lot of people because you will no longer have to find time to spend all day on a weekend in a classroom. We offer the online class here.

Shooting Portion

After you complete the online class, you simply take the LTC 101 training form you received after completing our online course to ANY regular LTC instructor in your area to complete the shooting portion for you. After that, you are ready to submit your application to the Texas DPS online. You can follow our instructions on how to submit your application on our FAQ page.

Some people do not need to complete the shooting portion such as Texas TDCJ correctional officers and some active duty military or veterans who have proof of firearms training from the military. These people will only need the online class to qualify for the Texas license to carry and they can apply as soon as they have completed the online class.

Who Can Take The Online Texas LTC Class

Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take the online class and simply use a regular LTC instructor in your area to complete the shooting portion for you. Our class is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Those in the military or reserves can take the online class to get a Texas license to carry from anywhere in the United States as long as within the past 10 years they have completed a course of training in firearms proficiency, familiarization or a range qualification in the military. They will need to be able to provide proof of this training when they apply online for their license.

Our Online Class Works On All Devices

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