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Texas Approved Online Course Providers

Texas approved online course providers

Texas Department of Public Safety approves online course providers. People seeking to obtain a Texas License to Carry (LTC) can now take the required training online. Online training can only be administered by a Texas DPS approved online course providers. Not all regular LTC instructors will qualify to be online course providers. Online training has been available in other States for years so it’s only new to Texas.

Our Online Course

Point Blank CHL  is one of the first Texas approved online course providers to successfully meet the eligibility requirements set forth by the Texas DPS. As Texas certified online course providers, students all across Texas can take our online course to get their Texas license to carry. Our course easy for everyone to understand and we guarantee everyone will pass our online course. We have been teaching the Texas LTC class for over a decade. We are Texans.

Students can complete our online course at their own pace, starting and stopping at their convenience. The Point Blank CHL online course is a fully mobile-friendly from start to finish. This safety course is designed to work on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

You can take the online course from the comfort of your own home. With online course providers now approved in Texas, it has never been easier to take the Texas LTC class. No more spending all day on a Saturday in a crowded classroom full of people.

We have made is super easy for you to get the training you need to protect yourself and your family. We believe everyone should be armed in the world we live in these days. Mass shootings, armed robberies and workplace shootings take up the news every day. people need to have the ability to protect themselves.  If you are ready to get your Texas license to carry, hit the get started button below.