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NRA Pistol Instructor Course

NRA Pistol Instructor Course

The NRA pistol instructor certification is a prerequisite required by Texas law to become a Texas LTC instructor. It’s the first step in being able to teach the Texas LTC class. People from all across Texas take our instructor course because we provide you with things you will not get in any other instructor class in Texas. We are worth the trip.

Anyone can take this course and become a firearms instructor, most Texas firearms instructors have zero prior experience before taking our course. We work with you and teach you everything you need to know about the firearms instructor business in Texas on top of the NRA instructor material.

NRA Prerequisites

All required prerequisites are included in our course. This three day instructor course includes the NRA required BIT, basic pistol student level course and the NRA pistol instructor course. Others make you scramble around at different places to take all 3 required courses but we include them all. That makes us a one stop shop and saves you money by including everything in one course.

Why Choose Us

We provide you with things you can’t get in any other instructor course in Texas. There is a reason people come from all over Texas to attend our NRA Pistol instructor course. We give you the tools and knowledge to dominate Texas just like we have. We give you the ability to have a highly successful and highly profitable business, even doing it part time. All of this at no extra costs to you.

Online Texas LTC

We give you the ability to offer the official online Texas LTC class on day one of the course, no certifications required on your end. We created an advanced system approved by DPS that will allow you to offer the online course and get paid instantly every time someone enrolls.

You will also get a custom page on our website. This is the biggest money maker you will have, it will make more than anything else you do. We have instructors that make thousands dollars a week using our online class system. There is no cost to you for any of this, it’s all included.

Marketing Machines

This is a game changer. We teach you how to build digital marketing machines so you will never have to pay for advertising, we don’t. These marketing machines will not only keep your in person classes full, they will sell the online LTC class for you around the clock, non stop.

This is something most instructors don’t even understand. These marketing machines are the reason we dominate the state in everything we do. Join us at the top.

Affiliate Marketing

They call it mailbox money and we get a lot of it. We will teach you our secrets to affiliate marketing and show you exactly what affiliate products and services we offer. We will set you up exactly the same way we are.

These affiliate machines make us thousands a month and they sell even why we are sleeping. Once you build a marketing machine for each affiliate product and service it runs itself and brings in money daily. This is something most instructors dream of but have no clue how to do it.

NRA Pistol Instructor Class

Are you ready to become a firearms/LTC instructor in Texas? Our course stays booked so make sure you register for one of our course dates as soon as you can.