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NRA Instructor Training

NRA Instructor Training

We are the biggest NRA instructor training center in Texas. People travel from all over Texas and other states to attend our NRA instructor certification courses. Not only is the NRA certification required to teach license to carry classes in Texas, it is also required in almost all states to teach concealed carry classes. It is the most recognized instructor certification in the United States.

People travel from all over to take our NRA instructor certification courses because we provide things you can’t get anywhere else. We provide our instructor students with the ability to offer online courses nationwide immediately without any cost to them. We created an advanced system already set up with pre made online courses.

We also provide our students with our secrets on how to set up and make thousands a month in passive income. You will receive our business blue print. We generate over 1 million a year through online courses and passive income alone and we provide you with ALL of this info at no additional cost to you. You will not get any of this information taking any other course, we are the only one’s who provide all of this. Now you see why people travel from everywhere to take their NRA instructor training with us.

NRA Pistol Instructor

This is the most popular NRA instructor certification. This certification is recognized in all states and is required in most states to teach concealed/license to carry classes. This is the first instructor certification people get. You do not need any experience to become a NRA instructor. We teach you everything you need to know. Our NRA pistol instructor certification course includes all prerequisites. See details below.


The NRA chief range safety officer certification is the second most popular course. With this certification you can teach classes to certify people as range safety officers. NRA range safety officers are needed in every state and as a chief RSO, you will be able to certify them. To work at any range they will require this certification and as a CRSO you will be the top dog. See details below.


The NRA personal protection in the home certification requires you to already have the NRA pistol instructor certification. Getting this certification allows you to teach the NRA personal protection in the home course to the general public. NRA certified instructors also get this certification if they plan on becoming a NRA training counselor. To become a training counselor you are required to have TWO shooting NRA instructor certification. This course meets that requirement. See details below.