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NRA Instructor Course

NRA Instructor Course

The NRA instructor course is the most recognized course in the United States when it comes to firearms instructors. The NRA instructor certification is recognized in more states than any other certification and it is required to teach concealed carry classes in most states. People travel from all over to attend our NRA instructor course.

If you are looking to teach concealed carry classes in your state or start a firearms training business, this is a “must have” certification. Almost all firearms instructors in the United States are NRA instructors. The good news is that we make it easy for you to get certified with our two day course and it’s super easy.

Passive Income

This is the main reason people travel from all over to take our NRA Instructor course. We teach you how to generate several thousand dollars a month in passive income, this is something that you will NOT learn taking other instructor courses. Most instructors and training counselors are clueless when it comes to business, that is why most don’t achieve the kind of success we have.

We provide our instructor students with our business blueprint and the secret sauce on how to create several streams of passive income. Once you get it set up you will just watch money get deposited in your account weekly with little effort on your end. For firearms instructors there are tons of income streams available that most don’t know exist or they don’t know how to set them up.