National Educators Day

National educators day

Free Texas LTC Class

Point Blank CHL has partnered with Right To Bear for National Educators Day. We appreciate all of the educators, teachers and the work they do. We are providing the ONLINE Texas license to carry class to all educators for FREE using coupon code: EDU at checkout. When you enroll you will see a place to enter a coupon code. This is the official DPS class required to receive your Texas license to carry.

Who Can Take This Class

This FREE course is for all educators and teachers in Texas regardless of what city you live in. This is a statewide approved course and is valid across the entire state. After you complete the online course we will connect you with a local instructor in your area for the shooting portion.

Those outside of Texas (non residents) can take this online course and receive your Texas license to carry BUT you will have to come to Texas to complete the shooting portion, once you complete the shooting portion you never have to come back to Texas. After the license is issued you just renew online with no course or shooting needed to renew. If you have military range scores dated within the past 10 years you are exempt from the shooting portion and will not need to come to Texas at all.

Online Texas LTC Class

The online Texas license to carry class is a self paced course available 24/7 and can be taken from the comfort of your home. The course works on all devices including your smartphone. You will receive your official DPS certificate of training instantly after completing the online course. Ready to get started? Enroll for free below using coupon code: EDU

Coupon Code: EDU

Self Defense Coverage

At Point Blank CHL we recommend that everyone has self defense coverage. We trust Right To Bear to provide that coverage for us and our family members, that is why we recommend Right To Bear to all of our students. You can get protected today even before you get your license to carry.