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LTC Instructor Course

LTC Instructor Course

The road to get into the Texas LTC instructor course starts with us. To qualify to attend the LTC instructor course in Texas, you must already have a firearms instructor certification.

This certification is easy to get by taking our two day USCCA certified firearms instructor course. Our two day instructor course meets the prerequisite requirement to become a Texas LTC instructor.

People from all across Texas come to take our course so they can qualify to become Texas LTC instructors. Our USCCA instructors course is easy and we also prepare you for the Texas LTC course which is also very easy. We have certified hundreds of instructors from all across the State of Texas.

Once you receive your USCCA certified instructor certification from us and your Texas LTC instructor certification from the DPS you won’t have to travel anymore. Your USCCA certification renews every 2 years without having to take another course and your LTC instructor certification renews every 2 years online. (every other renewal (4 years) you will have to attend a half a day class to renew your Texas LTC instructor certification.)

Steps To Become A LTC Instructor

  1. Take our 2 day USCCA Instructor Class (in Wichita Falls, TX)
  2. Apply and complete the DPS 3 day LTC Class ( in Florence, TX)
  3. Start holding classes

Total Cost For Required Certifications

  1. USCCA Instructor tool kit/eLearning $250 (one time cost)
  2. 2 day USCCA Instructor course $347 (one time cost)
  3. DPS LTC class $100 (every two years to renew)

The above costs does not include traveling but traveling cost will vary depending on where you live in Texas. You will probably make all your money back in the first two LTC class that you hold. Also, after receiving your USCCA cert you do not have to sign up for the DPS class right away, you can take as much time as you need….

Additional Benefits

Besides meeting the prerequisite requirement to become a Texas LTC instructor your USCCA cert also opens the door for many other revenue streams such as selling their products in your classes and the official USCCA classes you can teach below.

  • Concealed Carry
  • Home Defense
  • Basic Defensive Handgun
  • Active Shooter
  • Gun Shot Wound/First Aid

Your USCCA toolkit will include the power points and class materials to teach concealed carry, home defense and basic defensive handgun classes, to teach active shooter and gun shot wound/first aid you simply purchase the toolkit for them (no additional class needed).

The USCCA will also provide you with a personal dashboard on their website to post all of your classes including your Texas LTC classes and any other non USCCA class you teach. You can also collect payment right on your dashboard for your classes when a student registers. This means you will not have to pay for your own website, the USCCA provides this all to you at NO COST.