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LTC Instructor Course In Fort Worth

LTC Instructor Course In Fort Worth

Are you looking for a LTC instructor course in Fort Worth, Texas? We run then biggest instructor training center in Texas and we are just a short drive from Fort Worth. People travel from all across Texas to take our instructor certification course.

To become a Texas LTC/CHL instructor you must first become a NRA Pistol instructor, this certification is required by state law. This is the course that we offer and it’s the first step needed to become certified by the state as a LTC instructor.

The instructor course is super easy and we give you the paperwork needed to file with DPS to become a Texas LTC instructor. We work closely with them and will give you everything you need. Certifying instructors in Texas is our full time job.


There is a reason people travel from across the entire state to take our instructor course. We are the only instructor course in Texas that can give you the ability to offer the official ONLINE Texas LTC class on day one of the course. We also give you the ability to offer other online courses such as an online LTC refresher course and an online constitutional carry course. You DO NOT have to be an approved online course provider to offer the online course using our DPS approved system. We have instructors that make several thousand dollars a week offering the online LTC course statewide through us. This could be the biggest thing you do and we set you up to do this on day one. You won’t get this from any other instructor course in Texas.

We also teach you our secret to creating a digital marketing machine that will keep your in person classes full and keep you selling the online LTC course statewide 24/7. Your machines will make you money while you sleep. This is how we dominated the state of Texas and we teach you exactly how we did it.

We also teach you how to use those same digital marketing machines to make you money 24/7 offering related affiliate products. We teach you how we become a money making business and not just a struggling instructor. We are worth the trip from any distance.

You will also receive a custom website page on our website to get started and we will show you how to get your own website created and the best website to get. Did I mention we do ALL of this for FREE? This is all included in your instructor course. We create successful instructors statewide.

Instructor Course In Fort Worth

The best LTC instructor course in Fort Worth is actually not in Fort Worth. We are worth the trip and you will not get anything close to what we offer anywhere else in Texas. We look forward to having you in class soon. Hit the link below for course details.