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LTC Class in Wichita Falls

LTC Class in Wichita Falls

Looking for a LTC class in Wichita Falls, Texas? Point Blank CHL is the premier firearms training in Wichita Falls. We offer the Texas license to carry class “LTC” formerly know as the Texas concealed handgun class “CHL”.

We are a family owned, husband and wife team of instructors. We specialize in working with new shooters and Heather loves working with our female students. We make learning fun and easy for all.

LTC Class In Wichita Falls

We offer both the online LTC class and the in person LTC class in Wichita Falls, Texas. Most people just take the online class at their own pace and just come in for the shooting portion. For this reason we don’t hold the in person class often but we hold the shooting potion once a week for our online students.

Firearms Training

While our main class is the Texas license to carry class we also teach a lot of other courses. We teach basic pistol classes, advanced classes and even instructor level classes. We operate our own private range so our students can learn in a safe, controlled environment without having to worry about the general public.

We even take new shooters in our license to carry class. We work with students hands on in this class so they don’t have to take an additional basic handgun course. We take care of it in one class so new shooters can learn how to operate a handgun and get certified for their LTC at the same time. People even travel from the metroplex to take our LTC class in Wichita Falls. We look forward to having you in class soon.