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Texas License To Carry Instructor

License To Carry Instructor

It’s easy to become a Texas license to carry instructor (also known as Texas LTC instructors). Texas license to carry instructors teach the course that is required for people to carry a handgun in Texas. They are needed in every Texas city. Becoming a Texas LTC instructor can make you big money even part time.

Before you can become a Texas license to carry instructor, Texas law requires that you first become a certified NRA basic pistol instructor. You do not meet the prerequisite to even apply to be a Texas LTC instructor until you receive the NRA instructor certification. We make it easy to get the NRA instructor certification with us. We are the instructor training center in Texas.

Our Training Center

People travel from all across Texas to take our NRA basic pistol instructor course so they can become Texas license to carry instructors. The reason they travel to us from all over Texas is because we offer something no other instructor course in Texas can offer. We give our instructor students the ability to be able to offer the ONLINE Texas license to carry class. No other course in Texas can do this. We are DPS approved online course providers and we built an entire system that will allow you to offer the online LTC course.

You will not need to be certified from the state because you are technically offering our course in the background, it’s just branded to you and you control the price and you get paid immediately every time a student enrolls in the online course. We have instructors that make thousands of dollars a week offering the course using our system.

Being able to offer the online course will be the biggest thing you do as an instructor, it allows you to operate statewide. We set you up with the ability to offer the online class the first day you are in our instructor course, you do not have to wait to be certified. This is why we are worth the trip. Click on the link below to get started.