Instructor Locator

Instructions For Students

DO NOT contact an instructor for the shooting portion UNTIL AFTER you have completed our online Texas LTC class. You will need to print off the certificate of training you get from taking the online class and bring it to the instructor that is doing the shooting. The instructor doing the shooting portion will fill out the range instruction/proficiency section of the certificate.

Our instructor locator does not include all LTC instructors in Texas. If our instructor locator does not show an instructor in your area that does not mean there isn’t one, just try doing a google search specific to your city. Our locator only list instructors that have requested to be listed in it.

LTC Instructors

If you are a certified Texas license to carry instructor and want to be included in our locator, just email us at It is free to be listed in our locator and LTC students from all across Texas use it to locate LTC instructors in their area. It’s a great resource for students across the State of Texas. You will want to make sure you are in it.