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How To Submit Your LTC/CHL Application

How to submit your LTC/CHL application

How to submit your LTC/CHL application and how to submit your documents are the two most common questions we receive. The Texas license to carry or “LTC” was formally knows as the Texas concealed handgun license or “CHL”.

It is the license that you need to carry open OR concealed in Texas. We only have one LTC and it is the same license that’s required to carry both ways. The license is technical called “license to carry” or “LTC” now.

New LTC Applicants

There are 4 steps involved in getting your Texas license to carry. You can submit your application with the DPS for your Texas LTC before or after you take the required Texas LTC/CHL class. We recommend taking the class before you apply but it’s up to you.

  • Take the required LTC class
  • Apply on DPS website
  • Upload required documents to DPS
  • Schedule fingerprint appointment

Step 1Take The Class

Most people in Texas take the license to carry class online now. You take the class online and simply use a local instructor for the shooting portion. Regardless of where you live in Texas, you can take our online LTC class here. When you complete the online class we will assist you in locating an instructor for the shooting portion.

Step 2 – Apply On DPS Website

The application for your Texas license to carry is submitted online on the DPS website. The application is simple and self explanatory, there is not much to it. If you have ever been arrested you will need to list those arrest dates.

Also, if you were arrested for a class A or Class B misdemeanor you will need a copy of the court disposition on that charge. You submit your LTC application online here.

Step 3 – Upload Documents

After you apply on the DPS website you will need to upload your documents to them. Make sure your LTC101 “certificate of training” is completely filled out before you upload it ( shooting portion filled out unless exempt). The average applicant only needs to upload one document, your certificate of training (LTC1010.

If you applied as active duty military, veteran, Texas CO or if you have an arrest required you will have additional documents to upload. The detailed checklist that DPS emailed you after you applied will have a list of required documents. Upload your documents to DPS here.

Step 4 – Schedule Fingerprint Appointment

Fingerprints must now be done by the company Identogo, the State has contracted with them to do all the fingerprints for the State. Even if you had your fingerprints taken with them for something else, you still must get them done for your LTC. You must schedule your fingerprint appointment with the national office online here.

Now that you know how to submit your LTC/CHL application just make sure you follow all the steps. Once you get everything submitted you play the waiting game. The DPS has 60 days to issue your LTC. Stay safe out there.