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How To Become A Texas LTC Instructor

Texas LTC instructor

Want to become a Texas LTC instructor?. Texas is a gun friendly State and with a huge population of over 28 million, there will always be a steady flow of students. To get a Texas license to carry, a person must take a 4 to 6 hour class plus a range portion taught by a DPS certified Texas license to carry instructor.

Texas LTC Instructor

For a person to become a Texas LTC instructor you must take a 3 day LTC instructor course at the DPS training center in Florence, TX (near Austin). It’s actually two days in the classroom and about half a day at the range. The LTC instructor course is VERY EASY and on a basic level including the shooting portion.

One BIG catch, Not just anyone can take the Texas LTC instructor course. State law requires you to already have a “instructor certification” to be qualified to take the Texas LTC instructor course.

To meet the prerequisite requirement you must have ONE of the following certifications:

  •  TCOLE ( law enforcement) certified handgun instructor
  • Handgun instructor certified under Texas chapter 1702 (private security)
  •  Certified by the NRA as a basic pistol instructor

That’s where we come in. The easiest way to get the required instructor certification is to take our NRA instructor certification course. That’s right, after taking our NRA course you will be a nationally certified NRA firearms instructor and qualify to become a Texas LTC instructor. Texas law requires the NRA instructor certification to become a Texas LTC instructor.

Instructor Certification

This NRA certification is accepted by the Texas Department of Public safety as meeting the prerequisite requirement to become a Texas license to carry instructor. It’s all you will need to get into the DPS Texas license to carry instructor course. Texas law specifically list the NRA instructor certification as the gold standard in Texas.

After you take our NRA certified instructor course we will assist you in signing up for the Texas DPS license to carry instructor course. Also, once you become a Texas LTC instructor you will always have us as a mentor. You can also team up with us with our online course. (see below)

Texas LTC Instructor Course

Once you take our NRA instructor course you will be qualified to get into the Texas DPS LTC instructor course. This State course is super easy and is only two and a half days long. It’s held at the DPS training center in Florence, Texas. We will give you all the info about this course so you are prepared and know what to expect. (it’s easy). We work closely with RSD (DPS).

NRA Instructor Course

Besides meeting the prerequisite for the Texas LTC instructor course, your NRA instructor certification also opens up the door for a lot of other things. Your NRA instructor certification is everything you need to start your firearms instructor business or to take your current business to the next level.

NRA Prerequisite Requirement

Our three day NRA instructor course includes all the required prerequisites that are listed below (one stop shop). If you already have some of them, you will not have to attend those days but the course fee is the same. See the included prerequisites below.

DAY ONE (FRIDAY) – NRA basic pistol student course. If you have already taken the NRA basic pistol student course you do not have to attend Friday. (you must show us a copy of your certificate from the student course), if you don’t have your certificate you must attend Friday.

DAY TWO (SATURDAY) – BIT (basic instructor training). If you have taken the BIT within the past 2 years, you do NOT need to attend on Saturday. You will have to show us your BIT cardIf you can’t find your BIT card you MUST attend Saturday.

DAY THREE (SUNDAY) – Day three is the NRA instructor course, everyone must attend day three.

Instructor Course Cost

The total cost of the course is $350. You will pay a $50 deposit when you register. You will pay the remaining $300 on the class day by cash or money order. NO credit/debit card accepted in class for the remaining balance.

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We built an advanced system approved by DPS that allows you to offer the online course statewide without ANY approval or certifications. You can start offering it on day one of our instructor course. See what all we offer below.

Online Texas LTC Class

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