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How To Apply For Your Texas LTC

How To Apply For Your Texas LTC

The question we receive the most from students is how do they apply for their Texas license to carry. It’s a simple process and we will cover everything you need to know. While we recommend completing the course before you apply, you can apply before you take the course.

Texas LTC Application Process

What you will need:

  • State issued DL or ID card
  • Previous 5 years address history
  • Previous 5 years of employment history
  • History of arrest
  • Credit or debit card to pay state fee

Step One:

Start the online application process HERE. You will select “apply” under new users. Follow the steps of the application process filing out all the info they ask for. When entering the 5 year residential and employment history it does not allow for gaps, just put what you have to so there are no gaps in the 5 years.

Step Two:

Schedule your fingerprint appointment. Follow the instruction DPS gives you when you apply for your LTC. If you didn’t get the instructions just use service code 119Q91 and schedule your appointment online HERE. If you are having problems scheduling them online you can call them at 1-888-467-2080.

Step Three:

Upload your certificate of training (LTC100 or LTC101) and any other required documents HERE. Most people will only need to upload their certificate of training but some like military, veterans or those with arrest may have to upload additional documents. When you apply you will receive an email with a checklist specifically for your situation.

Submitting the application for your Texas license to carry is easy. Just follow the steps above and make sure you don’t forget to upload your documents. Remember to save a copy of your certificate of training. If you have not taken the class yet you can take it online right here on our website. Just look for the link to our online course.