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How much is the Texas LTC Class

Texas LTC Class Cost

The cost of the Texas LTC class varies per instructor. There is no standard fee, each instructor charges their own fee. I would say the average in person Texas LTC class cost $85. You may find some that cost more and some that cost less. It depends on the rate they are charging in your area.

Online LTC Class Cost

The online LTC class cost averages $50. There are also some that may charge a little more. As with the in person LTC class, online providers also set their own class fee. The online Texas license to carry class is the most popular way to get certified in Texas. Most people these days choose the online option. It can be taken 24/7 at your own pace.

Other license Fees

Besides the cost of the Texas license to carry class, you will also pay a state licensing fee and a fingerprint fee. The standard State license fee for the 5 year license is $40 and the fingerprint fee is $10. There are a few discounts on the state license fee such as for veterans and correctional officers. The license fee is paid on the DPS website when you submit your online application. Your class will cover this in detail.

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