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How Much Does The Texas LTC Cost?

Texas LTC Cost

The standard LTC fee is $40. There are a few discounts listed below depending on the status of the person applying. The Texas LTC cost is set by state law. This is the state license fee for you Texas License to carry, it is separate from the class fee you will pay when you take the required course. The license fee is set by the state and is the same for everyone, the class fee varies per instructor because they set their own class fee.

Texas LTC Cost

The Texas LTC fees vary depending on the person, there are a few discounts available. The license fee is for a 5 year license.

  • Standard fee $40
  • Texas correctional officer $0
  • Active duty military $0
  • Veteran $25
  • Texas correctional officer $0
  • County jailer $0

The state license fee is paid online to the Texas Department of Public when you submit your online application. The LTC course you take will cover the application process in detail. You can also submit your online application and pay your state license fee before the course. The license to carry has become affordable for everyone, it use to cost 3 times as much. Now anyone can afford to get a Texas LTC.

Now everyone can get the benefits of having a Texas license to carry. It allows you to carry in more places with fewer restrictions. The license also provides trespass protection and other legal protections. The Texas LTC is honored in 38 other states so it allows you to carry while traveling.